Sales and delivery terms
Scandinavian Baby Products ApS' terms of sale and delivery apply to all orders unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Receipt of orders – terms and conditions
The order is regarded as binding 10 days after the order date, and the purchase is final when the customer has received a copy of the order. Any changes after this date, including full or partial cancellation, will result in an administrative fee of 10% of the cancelled amount.

If the customer has outstanding unpaid invoices for goods already delivered more than 35 days after the due date, the customer accepts that Scandinavian Baby Products ApS is entitled to cancel all current (undelivered) orders because of the customer’s outstanding payment. The customer also accepts to pay 10% of the order amount as compensation for this.

Scandinavian Baby Products ApS is entitled to reject an order, or to demand a bank guarantee or advance payment if a satisfactory credit report cannot be obtained for the customer.

Any order is received subject to force majeure, insufficient introductory sales of the design in question and failure of supply by raw material suppliers. If unforeseen circumstances arise that make it necessary for Scandinavian Baby Products ApS to change the order, including reduction of order quantity etc., Scandinavian Baby Products ApS is entitled to make such reasonable changes. Such changes do not entitle the customer to cancel the order.

Terms of delivery
All goods are delivered in accordance with ICC’s Incoterms 2020 and with terms of delivery as per order confirmation.

Lead time
Stock items will be forwarded within four week days upon order receipt.

Delivery time, delay
Scandinavian Baby Products ApS reserves the right to postpone the delivery period for 21 days. If the delay is due to circumstances which can be characterised as force majeure, the delivery time will be extended by the same period as the duration of the obstacle to delivery.
Scandinavian Baby Products ApS is also entitled, at its own discretion, to postpone the delivery of an order or cancel the order if the customer is in arrears with payment for previous deliveries.
If the customer’s affairs prevent timely delivery, the customer cannot object to a postponement of delivery and is obliged to take delivery of the goods when the customer’s affairs again permit delivery.

All prices on our B2B webshop are exclusive of VAT.
The stated prices are subject to changes in customs duties and excise duties of any kind as well as sudden currency fluctuations.
We price adjust our product range in the first quarter of each calendar year, and this price adjustment will typically be made in January. In addition, we generally reserve the right to change our prices with reasonable notice.

Payment, calculation of interest
Payment terms are in accordance with the agreement with the individual customer and appear from the order confirmation.
In the event of late payment, interest of 1% is automatically charged per commenced month from the due date. If the purchase price is paid after the claim has been passed on for debt recovery, the customer is liable to pay all costs for the debt recovery proceedings.

Retention of title
Scandinavian Baby Products ApS retains the title to the delivered products until the customer has made full payment. All costs connected with the enforcement of the retention of title must be borne by the customer.

A complaint must be made no later than eight days from receipt of the goods. A complaint in connection with partial delivery does not entitle the customer to cancel the rest of the order. A complaint about non-visible damage must be made no later than eight days after the defect became ascertainable.
A complaint must be submitted in writing and contain an exact specification of the nature of the defects and deficiencies. Scandinavian Baby Products ApS must approve a complaint before the goods are returned.

Exemption from liability (force majeure)
Scandinavian Baby Products ApS will not be liable if the following non-exhaustive events of force majeure occur and prevent or delay performance of the agreement: War and mobilisation; riots and civil disobedience; terrorism; natural disasters; strikes and lockouts; shortage of goods; defects, deficiencies or delays in supplies from subcontractors or if subcontractors are otherwise affected by the circumstances; fire; shortage of means of transport; currency restrictions; import and export restrictions; death, illness or absence of key staff; computer viruses; epidemics, pandemics, or other circumstances beyond Scandinavian Baby Products ApS' direct control. In such cases, the company affected by force majeure, Scandinavian Baby Products ApS, will be entitled to postpone the performance of its obligation until the impediment has ceased or, alternatively, to cancel the agreement in full or in part without assuming any liability for this.
If any of the above circumstances preventing the performance of the agreement persist for six months, Scandinavian Baby Products ApS has the right to cancel the agreement.

Sales address
Unless otherwise agreed in writing with Scandinavian Baby Products ApS the goods may only be sold at the business address specified in the order.

Personal data
We process all registered personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation – also called the GDPR or the personal data regulation.

In connection with the execution of the customer's order, personal data may be processed as part of the performance of the contract. In some cases, the customer’s personal data will be disclosed to other independent data controllers, such as freight carriers, to enable the company to execute the order. Personal data will be processed with the necessary security and is only stored for as long as necessary.

The company Scandinavian Baby Products ApS is responsible for the personal information you provide to us and is responsible for protecting your personal information in accordance with Danish law and the EU data protection law.

Scandinavian Baby Products ApS
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Venue and governing law
Any dispute between the parties must be settled in accordance with Danish law and with Herning City Court (Denmark) as the proper venue.
However, Scandinavian Baby Products ApS may choose that a dispute must be settled in the country in which the buyer is resident or in which the buyer’s domicile is located, and Scandinavian Baby Products ApS may also choose that the legislation in the buyer’s home country is to apply in such cases.

Scandinavian Baby Products ApS
Langhøjvej 1B, St. t.v.
DK-8381 Tilst
Tel.: +45 2594 0751
Email: info@scandinavian-bp.com
CVR no.: DK35477357