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We put actions behind attitudes

Our History

Scandinavian Baby Products was founded in September 2013 by Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen, who own the company through The Friendship Group ApS. We are a 100% Danish-owned company. The company manufactures, imports and distributes a portfolio of self-owned brands, distributed brands and OEM tasks for the Nordic region's largest retail chains. We carry over 2000 different item numbers and more than 15 brands and popular licenses. We have a warehouse capacity of 3000 m2 and a professional logistics system that ensures our customers a unique flexibility and a very low risk in the cooperation. We feel very strongly about producing and distributing quality products for babies and toddlers that are made with a focus on both environmental and social sustainability and responsibility. It is also important to us that our products meet all environmental and safety standards, both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, we are a GOTS certified company. Appropriateness and reliability in the good collaboration are the parameters that the team at Scandinavian Baby Products would like to be known for and measured on.

- Trade Fair ApS with Scandinavian Baby Products is founded by Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen.


- We establish a warehouse location in Aarhus, Risskov. Later that year we move the company to Aarhus Nord, as the need for larger storage capacity becomes necessary due to growth.
- We get the distribution right of our first toy brand Plantoys.


- We establish distribution of sustainable and educational toy brands.
- A specially designed IT system is developed with a focus on being easy to use for all customers.


- The 5th employee is hired, and OEM & P/L goods are moved to an external warehouse due to lack of space.
- We invest in our own brand Filibabba ApS.
- Both Scandinavian Baby Products and Filibabba become GOTS certified.


- The company now trades with more than 3,000 stores in Scandinavia.
- Trade Fair ApS wins a Børsen Gazelle award.
- The company enters into a distribution agreement with KIDS2 for Scandinavia.


- We now trade with more than 5,000 stores.
- Trade Fair ApS wins its second Børsen Gazelle award.
- For the first time we sell more than 1 million units.
- We move our office to Tilst, and a warehouse location is established in Northern Germany with an external partner.
- The 10th employee is hired.
- The company has positioned itself as a significant player in the market within:
- Retail stores - hyper, super, discount. Strategic location of distributed brands and OEM & P/L developed products for the largest retail companies in Scandinavia.
- Special stores: Toy stores, the baby industry, and the leading e-commerce channels.
- The company establishes its own department for market representation and positioning of its own brands in the EU and China.


- We experience significant growth in markets outside Scandinavia.
- Trade Fair ApS wins its third Børsen Gazelle award.
- Filibabba ApS wins its first Børsen Gazelle award.
- We invest in a specially designed IT system. The largest investment in the company's history.
- The Friendship Group ApS takes over the ownership of Scandinavian Baby Products. Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen own The Friendship Group together.

Our Philosophy

It is the task of Scandinavian Baby Products to become a significant player in the European market within sales of baby toys, toys and interior products for babies and children. We have a strong focus on ecology, sustainability and product safety.

We want to be the supplier that can offer the most intuitive and scalable setup for all sales channels. We have a strong focus on IT and digitalization as well as the optimization of logistics and development.

In addition, we want to have a strong product range consisting of a combination of self-owned brands and distributed brands. It is characteristic for our company that our products complement each other.

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CSR - We put actions behind attitudes

At Scandinavian Baby Products we put actions behind attitudes, so we are certain that both our own brands and the distributed brands live up to our requirements for global and social responsibility. By this we mean that the production takes into consideration environmental and climatic conditions, social conditions, working conditions and human rights and of course the health and safety of children. Furthermore, we follow the current rules within product safety. As an example, this can be EN71 for toys. Scandinavian Baby Products is registered and controlled by the Danish authorities, and we have the highest assessment at the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.