Our own design

At FILIBABBA we create special products for children and their parents; our Danish designs are made with hand-drawn prints and hand picked quality materials.

We prefer to use 100% GOTS-certified textiles and organic cotton and are constantly seeking to integrate new and more sustainable materials as well as production methods in our collections. Our products are made to grow with your family and to promote calmness and imagination in the modern family’s everyday life.

Welcome to our timeless, aesthetically founded children’s universe, where a more responsible production, quality and multifunctionality are essential values.

We are GOTS-certified

At FILIBABBA we are very committed to integrating social and environmental considerations into our business activities. We are therefore proud to be one of the few Danish brands that present products that are produced from GOTS-certified textiles.

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard and focuses on ecology, sustainability, and social responsibility. As a consumer, you can thus be sure that all our cotton textiles are produced correctly throughout the value chain - from the cotton farmer's fields to the finished product.

As part of the GOTS-certification, there is a strong focus on the conditions for the employees in the factories, and the GOTS-certification guarantees, among other things, safe and hygienic workplaces, no child labor, minimum wage, limited working hours, no discrimination, and the right to freely choose employment. You can find our GOTS-certificate here.

In addition to being GOTS-certified and focusing on sustainable products, we are proud to have a friendly relationship with our suppliers in a collaboration based on trust and mutual respect. For us, it must be rewarding and interesting to produce Filibabba products, whether it is in Turkey, India, or any other country. We therefore have a great passion for everything in the factories living up to various ISO standards, which ensure proper conditions for those who produce the products.

For us, packaging is more than just cardboard produced in large quantities and then eliminated. We are in favor of recycling, and for our interior balloons we have chosen a cardboard box of good quality, which can subsequently be recycled and used, for example for storage in the children's room. Recycling is good use.

We believe in a sustainable mindset when we develop our products in natural materials for the sake of our children and our environment, and we take responsibility for every design we develop.

Timeless and unique designs since 2014

FILIBABBA was founded in 2014 and launched the first collection in 2015, including the first baby nest on the Danish market. At that time FILIBABBA consisted exclusively of the two owners Christian Bendtsen and Lasse Rolighed Olesen, and since then more people have joined our team, which today consists of 14 people.

All our designs are created with love and utmost respect for our surroundings and the people we work with. We want to take care of our children and at the same time take good care of our environment, and therefore we only produce our cotton qualities in GOTS-certified materials. We are extremely proud to have exactly this label.

Our design philosophy and approach to the products is to create timeless and unique designs that inspire both small and large. We always try to think multifunctionality into the products, so that the products have several functions and can be used by several generations at the same time. All our prints are hand-drawn by our designer, who takes pride in conveying a visual expression via the design series.

Our ambition and vision are to ensure that our children grow up in a safe environment and in a preserved environment, and therefore responsibility is one of our fundamental values.